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  • TeresatheSmilingSloth_1

    Teresa the Smiling Sloth

    by Clara Kohn M
    Teresa is a happy and innocent smiling sloth. Her home, a tree, was hit by a lightning bolt, and a few pieces go missing. Teresa is positive that she will find the missing pieces and reattach them to fix her tree. Along the way, she meets a toucan, a jaguar, a tapir, and a capybara, all of whom, tell her she will never fix her tree. After all, she's a sloth, and sloths are slow, lazy and sleepy. Will Teresa find all of the missing pieces — despite the negativity that surrounds her — and fix her beloved home?
  • TheDreamBox_1

    The Dream Box

    written by Robin Landa
    illustrated by Modern Dog
    The Dream Box tells the story of Alex, a bird who is determined "to stay awake forever" after he is troubled by a series of bad dreams. When his mother's and grandmother's advice to think of "nice things" and have "happy thoughts" fails to do the trick, Alex can barely keep his eyes open in school or at home. Just in time, on his bed he finds a Dream Box—designed to get rid of nightmares. By following the directions that come with the box, Alex is finally able to get a good night's sleep!
  • ShivusBusyDay_1

    Shivu’s Busy Day

    by Tapan Gandhi
    Follow Shivu, a curious and adventurous little boy, as he goes about his busy, activity-filled day!
  • HideAndPeek_1

    Hide & Peek

    by Grace Duong
    Follow the tale of a chameleon, squid, pufferfish, armadillo, porcupine, turtle, and snake and how they all uniquely use their skin as a defense mechanism in the wild!
  • Yenn_and_Nunn_1

    How Yenn and Nunn Got Stuck By Gum

    by Valeriya Nichol
    The story about how Yenn and Nunn got stuck together by gum.

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